December 11.-15., 2017 University of Aveiro (Portugal)

The Portuguese MC member João F. Mano and his colleagues from the University of Aveiro will offer this Working group 2 training school to interested ENBA members, interested to receive fundamental aspects in the design and development of bio-inspired polymers and hydrogels. Theoretical background will be provided on its fundamental design principles, chemical tools to modify polymers and hands-on in-vitro characterization of adhesive polymer-based systems. In the TS the MC members will also make their hands dirty to characterize adhesive polymer-based systems. Further details about the TS and planned programme could be found here.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain basic notions on design principles of bio-inspired polymers and polymer-based devices towards biomedical applications, in particular for the development of adhesive systems.
  • Learn apprehended relevant and current chemical tools employed for modifying polymers and to produce hydrogels.
  • Perform hands-on polymer characterization and nano/micro-processing.
  • Perform hands-on in-vitro characterization of adhesive polymer-based systems.

Number of participants:
Maximum 10. Early Career Investigators (ECI, defining careers with less than 8 years from PhD at the time of involvement in the COST Action) have priority for the Training School. COST Action CA15216 will assure gender balance and promote “women in science and technology”.

Reimbursement aspects:
An total amount of EUR 650,-/applicant (for travel and the 5 day stay in Portugal) is awarded on competitive basis. For further details, please ask the TS organiser João F. Mano or contact the Action Chair.

Deadline for submission: 31. 10.2017
Selection Result: 15.11.2017
Confirmation by participants: 20.11.2017