Willkommen beim Europäischen Netzwerk für biologische Haftsysteme “ENBA”
Bienvenue dans le Réseau Européen sur les Bioadhésifs “ENBA”
Dobrodošli u Evrpopsku mrežu bioadheziva “EMBA”
Dobrodošli u evropsku mrežu bioadheziva “ENBA”
Vítejte v Evropské sítí bioadheziv “ENBA”
Velkommen til det europæiske netværk for bioadhesiver “ENBA”
Tere tulemast Euroopa Bioadhesiooni võrgustikku “ENBA”
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Bienvenue au Réseau Européen des BioAdhésives “ENBA”
Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ευρωπαϊκό Δίκτυο των Βιο-συγκολλητικών “ΕΝΒΑ”
Üdvözöljük a Bioadhézív anyagok európai hálózatának “ENBA” honlapján
Fáilte go dti an Líonra Eorpach de Saineolais Bioadhesion “ENBA”
Benvenuti nella rete Europea dei BioAdesivi “ENBA”
Esiet sveicinati Eiropas BioAdhezivu Tikla “ENBA”
Merhba fin-Netwerk Ewropew tal bijo-kolla “ENBA”
Welkom bij het Europese Netwerk van Bio-Hechtsystemen “ENBA”
Velkommen til det Europeiske BioAdhesiv Nettverket “ENBA”
Witamy w Europejskiej Sieci Środków Bio-Przylepnych “ENBA”
Benvindo à Rede Europeia de BioAdesão “ENBA”
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Bine ați venit la Rețeaua europeană de bioadezivi “ENBA”
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Bienvenidos al Grupo Europeo de Bioadhesivos “ENBA”
Välkommen till det Europeiska nätverket för bioadhesion “ENBA”
Härzlech wiukomme zum europäische Netzwärch für Bioadhäsiv “ENBA”
Avrupa Biyoyapiskanlar Iletisim Agi “ENBA’ya Hosgeldiniz
Welcome to the European Network of BioAdhesives “ENBA”

ברוכים הבאים לרשת האירופית לדבקים ביולוגיים

Forthcoming activities in the scope of ENBA

  • Conference in Poznan: Chemistry for beauty and health, May 25-27, 2020  canceled
  • Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence (BBCE), October 28-30, 2020
  • 6th “MC meeting”, Portugal September 24-26, 2020

Job opportunities

About ENBA

Many organisms, ranging from bacteria and fungi to those much larger animals and plants use chemical and mechanical means to attach permanently or temporarily to surfaces. Some bioadhesives have advantages over synthetic counterparts in terms of their ability to function over a wide temperature range, in wet or dry environments, and to form stable bonds within seconds to all manner of substrata, even those with challenging surface coatings.

Knowledge about these materials, in terms of composition, structural design and interactions with surfaces, is necessary to reveal the basic biochemical and mechanical principles involved in biological adhesion.

This COST Action “European Network of BioAdhesives” will unite the widespread European expertise in the field of biological adhesives (spanning biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering) by streamlining and pooling knowledge, methods and techniques, and will focus activities by avoiding duplication of efforts, decreasing research costs, and accelerating scientific and technological progress in Europe.

The bottom-up approach of this COST Action, integrating universities, applied research organisations and industry into an holistic program providing technical and scientific progress in understanding the fundamentals of natural bonding principles and test these natural systems in vitro. Knowledge achieved in this COST Action would certainly have a major impact on European academia and industrial competitiveness in the field of adhesion, nanotechnology, biomaterial and biotechnology and raise public awareness of the diversity of bioadhesives and their impact for technical applications in the future.

Your Action Chair

Janek von Byern