Workshop New Frontiers in Biofabrication

Biofabrication is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary field combining engineering, chemistry, physics, medicine, life sciences

Conference on Chemistry for Beauty and Health

Our MC member Alina Sionkowska from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland

Recombinant proteins expression

The Finnish MC member Päivi Laaksonen and Markus Linder from the Aalto University Finland offered this Working group 1 training school 

Bioinspired adhesive polymers and hydrogels

The Portuguese MC member João F. Mano and his colleagues from the University of Aveiro

First INTERREG – 6th TERMIS Winterschool 2018

The LBI and Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration invite you to the forthcoming Winterschool 2018 from 14. to 17.1.2018

ENBA meets wood adhesives

The Action Chair as well as a colleague from our Greece MC member Chimar Hellas participated at the German “Wood adhesive forum” in Germany.


Our MC member Sylvia Nuernberger from Austria (Medical University Vienna)  co-organised this summer school, focusing on primary cell isolation and propagation for tissue engineering. The program included class lectures and hands on courses in the lab targeting different raw materials like the amniotic membrane, adipose tissue, cartilage and umbilical cord for conversion or reprogramming  into […]

ENBA session at SEB Meeting

Within the Society of Experimental Biology Meeting a ENBA session (A 10) at the 6 July 2017 (09:00 am – 17:00 pm) was given

IN-TECH 2017 in September, 2017

The MC member Tomaž Pepelnjak (Slovenia) organises a International Conference on Innovative Technologies ( Read more