ENBA publications

May 2017: Working Group 1 (task 1.1 and 1.3)

  • Dagmar Voigt (MC Germany) and Stanislav Gorb (MC-S Germany) published an article about the holdfast ability of the castor bean tick (Ixodes ricinus) in the  Journal of Experimental Biology 2017 220: 1984-1996 (a copy of this article is deposit in the intranet). The investigations included microscopic analyses (light microscope, cryo-scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope) and different attachment experiments (inversion, centrifugal force and traction force test).

ENBA conference visibility

June 2017

  • The Action Chair represented ENBA at the German Wood Adhesive Forum. Details of the meeting including presentation of all participants is given in the intranet (ENBA Scientific Docs).

March 2017

  • The MC member Meir Haber represented ENBA at the Eastern Mediterranean Chemical Engineering Conference (EMCC8)