July 2. – 5., 2019 Seville (Spain)

This year the ENBA member Stanislav Gorb and Vladimir Katanaev are organising a session on ‘Functional micro- and nano-structures in biology’ at the Society of Experimental Biology’s Annual Meeting in Seville on 2 – 5 July 2019.

This is an exciting meeting to take part in with over 800 delegates from around the world expected to attend and a very diverse programme.

Invited speakers at this session are:

  • Silvia Vignolini (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Uwe Erb (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Bodo Wilts (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Di Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Abstract submission, www.sebiology.org/events/event/seb-seville-2019/abstracts, for the meeting is now open and we wanted to ask you to consider submitting your research to this session. If you want to know more about this session, please contact the session organiser Stanislav Gorb directly.

If you want to participate at this session, dissemination grants as well as ITC conference grants could be funded. Please contact the Action Chair Janek von Byern if you have more questions.