10.-11. October 2018 Barcelona (Spain)

The Spanish Action member Daniel Ruiz from the Institut Catala de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia (ICN2)
offered this special workshop to relevant ENBA members which have or plan to obtain specific knowledge in this topic. The workshop focused on:
– Assessment of existing European laboratories and initiatives focusing on catechol-based adhesives and coatings, with a view towards adjusting them for a possible common objective, in a competitive manner with other international initiatives, mainly from the United States and Asia.
– Exchange information and experiences related to the synthesis, characterization and implementation of catechol-based adhesives and coatings.
– Stimulate linkages and relationships with companies and technological centres around Europe.
– Identify appropriate actions required to develop and implement a common European project.

Outcome of the Workshop will be presented by Daniel Ruiz at the forthcoming MC meeting in Haifa …