22.-26. October 2018 Aalto (Finland)

The Finnish MC member Päivi Laaksonen and Markus Linder from the Aalto University Finland offered this Working group 1 training school  to interested ENBA members. Biological adhesives are typically found only in very small quantities in nature.  This makes analysis of the materials challenging and limits their direct application as functional glues.  Recombinant production of adhesive proteins is one approach that could be used to address this bottleneck.  If the sequences of the adhesive-producing genes are known then, in principle, the proteins can be produced in a system optimised for heterologous protein production – e.g. bacteria, insect or mammalian cells, plants, or via in vitro cell-free systems.  Of course, this approach brings its own challenges, including compatibility of the target protein with the production ‘machinery’ of the chosen host, the presence of post-translational modifications and authentic folding/activity of the recombinant protein. Further details about the TS and planned programme could be provided by the TS organiser Päivi Laaksonen.