PACT Summer School from 10-14 July 2017 in Vienna (Austria)

Our MC member Sylvia Nuernberger from Austria (Medical University Vienna)  co-organised this summer school, focusing on primary cell isolation and propagation for tissue engineering. The program included class lectures and hands on courses in the lab targeting different raw materials like the amniotic membrane, adipose tissue, cartilage and umbilical cord for conversion or reprogramming  into and/or propagation of valuable cellular material. The school also provided information about the isolation of such material, the demands and challenges of propagation and finally the analytical evaluation of the proliferated cells. Topics:

  • Human Amniotic membrane (Asmita Banerjee and Adelheid Weidinger, LBI Trauma, Vienna, Austria )
  • Cartilage biology, defect treatment and research methods (Sylvia Nürnberger, LBI Trauma & Medical University Vienna, Austria)
  • Stem cells from human adipose tissue (Susanne Wolbank and Eleni Priglinger, LBI Trauma, Vienna, Austria)
  • Human endothelial cells (Wolfgang Holnthoner, LBI Trauma, Vienna, Austria, Christoph Kaun, Medical University Vienna, Austria)
  • Muscle cells and engineering (Philipp Heher, LBI Trauma/Trauma Care Consult GmbH, Vienna, Austria)

I suppose, this summer school will also be organised next year, anyone interested be informed, please get in contact with the MC member Sylvia Nürnberger.