July 06., 2017 Gothenburg (Sweden)

Within the Society of Experimental Biology Meeting a ENBA session (A 10) at the 6 July 2017 (09:00 am – 17:00 pm) was given to specifically address the fundamental knowledge gaps that exist currently in the bioadhesive community. The scientific topics of the session included (1) the characterization of bioadhesion phenomena at multiple scales (from macro to nano level), (2) understanding bonding principles at the molecular level as well as (3) designing artificial systems to test these principles in vitro.
This session was multidisciplinary, welcoming participants from different fields, sectors, and backgrounds interested in identification and characterisation of novel, previously uncharacterised structures and materials using holistic approach.

Around 40-50 participants joined this session and we could clearly show, how diverse ENBA and Bioadhesion is, attached the abstracts of the ENBA session speaker and posters.