March 06.-07., 2017 Natural History Museum Vienna (Austria)

The newly-established ENBA gathers researchers from Europe and all over the world in a joint effort to translate bioadhesives research into new nature-based products (e.g. medical adhesives, industrial sealants, etc). The first big event in this project was be held at the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Austria) on the 6th and 7th of March 2017, where around 100 scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs all over Europe, Ukraine and even South Korea discussed the diversity of bioadhesive systems and their bonding principles and drawn inspiration from walking through the 39 exhibit halls of the Museum. On the 6th March 2017, the participants demonstrated the museum visitors various adhesive animals and plants (as well as bio-inspired gecko tape and a forthcoming kidney stone bioadhesive). Discussion with visitors increased (hoefully) the awareness of bio-inspired adhesives and their potential advantages compared to commercial industrial and medical adhesives available on the market today.