March 06, 2017 Vienna (Austria)

In his presentation, the Action Chair Stanislav Gorb from Germany documented the European interest in this Action, with 5 more countries (Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland) joining the Action recently. Also in view of members and interested researchers, ENBA is still growing. The Grant holder Janek von Byern (Austria) thanked all members for their economic travel booking, leading to the invitation of more people than budgeted. The STSM coordinator Patrick Flammang (Belgium) gave a short overview of the STSM rules and deadlines for summer/autumn (1. April) or winter/spring (1. September) applications.

The working group 3 leader Anne Marie Power from Ireland thanked the ENBA members for their high PR activity in the first sixth month of the project start, an overview of the various contributions, interviews and newspaper articles will be posted in the intranet soon. Also the General Action Poster and image templates will be available there.

In the forthcoming grant period 2 (May 2017-April 2018), the ENBA focus will be laid on the organisation of focused and targeted Training schools, STSM and the visibility of ENBA in the www and social media platforms. Further details about the Second MC meeting and outcomes could be seen in the MC minutes, available for all registered participants in the intranet.