October 21, 2016 Brussels (Belgium)

At this short-termed day, 22 out of 25 country representatives all over from Europe attended at the KIck Off and First MC meeting and were welcomed by Dr Lucia Forzi, Science Officer, and by Ms Svetlana Voinova Administrative Officer of COST. Lucia Forzi chaired the first part of the meeting, including the election of the Action Chair, Vice Chair, and the selection of the Grant Holder Institution and its Scientific Representative. Dr. Forzi gave a presentation on the COST system, Actions, networking tools and COST policies. Ms Svetlana Voinova continued with an introduction to the COST Grant System and provided details on COST Actions administrative rules and guidelines.
Rules of Procedure for the Management Committee, election of the Chair (Stanislav Gorb, Germany), Vice-Chair (Romana Santos, Portugal), Grant Holder Institution (Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Austria), with Janek von Byern as its Scientific Representative.

The Action Chair presented to the MC board the ENBA objectives and Action philosophy, the three Working Groups, actions to encourage scientists and industrial partners to join the Action, and reminded of the guidelines to become a WG member.

Horizontal roles and their leaders were unanimously appointed. The Draft Work and Budget Plan (WBP) for the first Grant Period (GP1) were approved.
Finally, the WG members defined the goals and planned networking actions for the first year.